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User Interface


Mechanical Engineering 

Arnodva has developed expertise in mechanical, electronic and software engineering.

We help our partners solve or optimise industry challenges with state-of-the-art technology.

Using our wide range of background and experience, we can solve your challenges in the following disciplines:

  • Simulation and calculation

  • 3D CAD Design & Modeling

  • Mechanism design

  • Mock-up rendering

Electrical Engineering

Today, many products include electrical systems to make them more useful and powerful.

Our engineering team has expertise in designing reliable and complex PCB's including a large variety of electronic components and embedded systems.

We have succesfully completed projects involving LIDAR, Wireless transmission, sonar, batteries management etc..



We build slick yet efficient user interfaces with robust backend to interact with our products.

From mobile application to desktop or web application, we adapt to the level of interaction needed for the project.

Our expertise covers many different stacks of development : c++, arduino, python, java, ROS, php, nodejs, electron, etc...

It allows us to adapt to most situations in modern prototyping and automation.

Project wise, we deliver short iterations of our programming. We make sure each deliverable fits our client's needs.


We develop prototypes and technology demonstrators for industry use cases.


Keeping in mind replicability and reasonable cost, we build dedicated proofs of concept. 

Arnodva has the following prototyping capabilities to meet your needs:

  • 3D printing

  • laser cutting

  • metal and plastic machining

  • molding

  • printed circuit board creation



Contact us and you get a free 30-min consulting session !

We will discuss your project and explain how we see things : project challenges, solutions to consider, technologies you could use, and a raw project timeline




Following Agile principles we make sure to deliver short working iterations


Most of the tech we use are low cost electronics, affordable materials and open source


Build an army of clones
Our prototypes are ready for replication

From concept to reality, we develop prototypes and technology demonstrators for industry use cases.

Keeping it low cost and scalable, we deliver tailor-made proofs of concept that works. 

When it comes to methodology and mindset, we advocate for Agility. We follow the Agile values in every aspect of our business.



Bathymetric Drone

Our team has developed a bathymetric drone for a major waste-treatment company. 

The objective of the drone is to generate 3D mappings of sludge levels in tanks, rivers or lagoons.

This drone developed from scratch with our partner's specifications has the following capabilities:

  • wireless control via wifi and radiofrequences

  • obstacle detection using a LIDAR (laser) system

  • indoor and outdoor positioning acquisition with GPS and IPS (internal positioning system)

  • sludge level detection using ultrasonic sonar system

  • sludge detection using a telescopic turbidimeter

  • data acquisition and post-processing on Linux, Windows and generation of 3D mapping

Our tailor made design allows easy upgrades like adding new sensors systems (PH, oxygen meter etc...)

Fablab Builders

Arnodva has experience in creating, managing and animating  fablabs.

"Atelier Fablab" of Beijing, the first international fablab in Beijing city was founded by Sébastien, co-founder of Arnodva.

Several International schools have been advised by our team for their fablab projects.

From procurement to training and consulting, Ardnova can support your Fablab project.

Engineering for Artists

Our team has been involved in several artistic projects. 

Arnodva help artists to integrate enineering in their work of art.

Interactive system

The Arnodva team has collaborated with education institutions to create an innovative system for child development.

This project developed for Kidtopia museum represents an interactive firefighting scene. Playing with the scene, kids are learning the basics of how firefighters work.

This piece of complex engineering involves a series of sensors that control different actions on the scene: fire simulation, firetruck movements, lights, sounds, etc...


Meet The Founders

Sebastien Thomas

  • LinkedIn Sebastien Thomas

Mechanical engineer with 10+ years experience in the nuclear industry, fablab creator and maker, Sebastien is now fulfilling his passion by helping Arnodva's clients.

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Eric Morelle

  • LinkedIn Eric Morelle

Full stack engineer and digital marketing expert, Eric is passionate by technology and how things work.

For the happy few, he also cooks a lovely tiramisu.

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We truly believe our complementary expertise and "out of the box" thinking can bring fresh ideas to your project and make a real difference.

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Arnodva helps company to quickly develop a mechatronic prototype that works.

We are passionate engineers expert in Mechanic, Electronic, IoT, Embedded System, Drone, Robotic, etc...